With so much competition on the web these days, reaching your target audience isn’t easy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a must for any company wanting to compete online, as markets are dominated by a more net-savvy community. However, this new digitally advanced clientele has also created a greater level of skepticism when it comes to content that is self-promoting.


Having a marketing strategy that dissects and targets your specific audience is a must. Here are five ways to edge out the competition and successfully reach your buyer.


1) Hone Your Client Profile – Developing a proper profile is much more than identifying your market’s age, income, and location. You also need to dive deeper and discover what other interests they have that could lend to making a personalized connection with them. This may not have anything directly to do with your product or service but may start a conversation, which could lend itself to interjecting some key selling points of your product. For example, say you sell cars. A potential consumer mentions in passing they enjoy camping. You can use this information to showcase a particular vehicle’s features – deluxe cargo space, adjustable roof rack, rugged, all-terrain tires… You see where I’m going with this. You develop a rapport with the client because you have personalized the product/service based on their specific identifying qualities. The more information you have about your clients and prospects, the easier it will be for you to sell your product or services to them.


2) Build Detailed Buyer Personas – A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal client. You can have as many buyer personas as are needed to capture your clientele; however, typically you will have at least two. You create these groups by generalizing your ideal customer through analyzing your most profitable and loyal customers. Buyer personas can then be used to segment your audience and easily create targeted content. Learn more about buyer personas here.


3) Find the Best Channels to Reach Audience – Once you identify your buyer, how do you reach them? Finding the communication formats they prefer is the next step. Maybe your clientele is more interested in Twitter than pinning, or respond more to video advertisements than web banners, or maybe you need to reach them directly by attending conferences and trade shows where face-to-face interactions seal the deal. Find the channels that will put your message effectively in front of your audience as much as possible.


4) Create Compelling Content – It is often thought that a prospective client makes a decision on your product or service within the first 30 seconds. Do you have what can help him/her? Do you have a product they need? Why is your product or service better than the competitor? Evoking an emotional response by using the information you have detailed in client profiles and buyer personas is a great way to grab their attention. Turn your clients’ problems and desires into powerful copy to sell your services. Don’t just present facts, but make your content interesting by including videos, images, etc.


5) Grow your Presence on Social Media – Keep your presence on social media active and viable. Keep your audience engaged with interesting posts that are not all selling in nature. Maximize your exposure by utilizing as many social media platforms that are necessary to reach and attract prospective clients. If you are primarily a business-to-consumer (B2C) company, maybe LinkedIn isn’t for you, but Facebook and Twitter are right up your alley. There are also many other platforms besides Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to use if appropriate, such as, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, as well as blogging and podcasts.


Once you determine your niche market and you begin your ascent as an online marketing guru, always remember to revisit and reevaluate your buyer persona so you keep current with your market.

If evaluating your target audience and managing your online presence is overwhelming, don’t let your business suffer, seek assistance from a professional agency that specializes in the services you need to help your company succeed.