So you’re on LinkedIn, you have polished your profile, and you’re connected with colleagues, friends, clients, and a few people you don’t personally know, but are interested in what they share.

Now what? How do you go beyond sharing articles and hitting the “like” button, to becoming a LinkedIn heavy-hitter?


Start Defining Your Professional Identity by Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse


Initially, LinkedIn’s self-publishing platform was an exclusive club for “influencers” to share their Holy Grail insights. In 2014, LinkedIn broadened the concept and introduced Pulse. It has been gaining steam ever since.

Maybe it’s time to get your name out there and share your own ideas, personal experiences, opinions on trending topics, and professional observations.

Publishing your own post on LinkedIn Pulse can get more eyes on your profile, which could bring you better opportunities as an individual, or bring your company more business as a whole. These published posts become part of your LinkedIn profile, which builds your professional identity and credibility. They are shared with your network and have the ability to reach a broader audience based on people who like, share, or comment on your writing. You will become a leader in the industry, and your expertise will allow you to gain new followers and build your network to advance your career.

Think about your connections and whom you are trying to reach with your words. Write about what you feel is important or what you believe. Your connections may feel the same way and they’ll be inclined to share it with their own network. Educate, inform, motivate, inspire, and your connections will value what you have to say.

Find your voice and be yourself. You never know who may glance at your writings and bring you business or career leads.

What are you waiting for? Start writing!

Want to familiarize yourself with the platform first? Check out the beginner’s guide.