As marketing strategies continue to grow and adjust to keep up with the ever-changing technical world, there is one business-building avenue that has virtually remained unchanged: Networking. At the end of the day, people still find comfort and build trust with one-on-one interactions.

When you are on the prowl for new leads, and attend networking functions, you are essentially diving into a pool of potential business. When networking is “more about farming than hunting,” how do you turn casual conversation into a professional relationship?

An article by Entrepreneur attributes “behavioral styles” and your ability to spot them in others, and adapt to them, as the key to killer networking. Let’s explore how to more effectively connect with others.


Four main behavioral styles:

Nurturer: Slower-paced, relaxed disposition, warm and friendly, team players but don’t like risk, people-oriented, dislikes confrontation, and likes taking care of others

Promoter: Fast-paced, people-oriented, gregarious and likes to schmooze with clients rather than do paper work, dreamers who excel in getting others excited, risk takers

Examiner: Slower-paced, task-oriented, methodical, relies on the facts and dislikes hype, in control of their emotions, see the complex side of situations, off-the-wall sense of humor

Go-Getter: Fast-paced, task-oriented, driven and hates being wrong about anything, not afraid to bend the rules, easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, so focused they can appear aloof


How to tailor your style to match:

Nurturer: be patient, ask questions to get to know them as a person

Promoter: be excited about what they have to share about themselves

Examiner: come prepared with facts and data, listen to the information they share

Go-Getter: get to the point fast, be concise and then get out of there


Understanding these behavioral styles, identifying them in yourself and others you meet, and adapting your networking style to cater to the individual will give you a head start in developing a stronger working relationship and business opportunities.